Well Well Well …

At his very last press conference as Rangers boss Warburton was asked if there was any truth in the links between him and Nottingham Forrest to which he replied that it was absolute nonsense and he is baffled where these rumours had originated from.

Fast forward one month and there you have it Warburton is now the Forrest manager, with Warburton, Weir and McParland apparently having quit then Rangers will argue the fact they should be serving a notice and won’t be able to work without compensation. On the other hand the three gentlemen in question will say they were sacked and therefore are due a payout from the Ibrox club.

This one is set to role on for many more months to come with both sides not looking to back down anytime soon. Its sad to see David Weir caught up in all of this but at the same time he’s a grown man who’s made his bed to put it politely.

Warburton has one hell of a job on his hands to keep them in the Championship but with them fallen drastically down the table then is it just inevitable that they are just on a free for all and heading for league one?

So with Warbs and Co now in work its just another day another drama for Rangers but it will be interesting to see how this one pans out..


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