Rangers new manager took his first steps out at Rangers training base and he got his first look at what he calls ” the best squad in the country”.

The Portuguese boss has already caused a stir and he’s just in the door, he made the comment which is clearly incorrect however it managed to gee up the Rangers fans and seemed to get under the skin of some of the Celtic fans.

He has set his aims for the rest of the season and they will certainly be an achievement if he manages to pull them off. Pedro Caixinha has informed the fans that his target is to win the Scottish Cup and finish second in the table.

The latter will be something that is well within his sights as he correctly mentioned Rangers have to face Aberdeen twice before the end of the season therefore the opportunity to catch The Dons will be something that is expected rather than seen as an achievement. On the other hand though knock Celtic out of the Scottish Cup and he will get his Rangers career of to the best possible start.



Caixinha has stated already that he wants to unite the club with the same philosophy throughout and bring the players in through time that will help continue his beliefs and ideas. He wants to play physically with a high tempo and he sees this is the best way to get the best out of Rangers.

The main problem that Rangers have is though that when they face Celtic next month in the Scottish Cup then they will be coming for revenge, they might not have lost to Rangers over the weekend but with the manner of the last gasp equaliser and then not get that penalty at the end it feels like that for Rodgers and his men. This means that Celtic will be looking to prove a point they know the last time round they let every Celtic fan in the stadium and at home down and Rodgers will ensure he installs that into his players and to ensure that they leave the field of play with no regrets next time round.

What is for certain though is that for Pedro to be successful then he needs to have a clear out that squad too many of the players aren’t good enough and it will be interesting who he deems surplus to requirements and who he makes integral member of his starting line up. Whats clear is that Rangers need to have a solid spine, too many times this season Rangers have lacked that ability to be able to role up their sleeves and grind out results and if you have a solid spine then that goes along way to bring consistency to a squad.

No matter the money Rangers spend though Celtic will be able to quadruple that spend so it also has to be about good connections, good timing and also a stroke of luck to achieve his goals.


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