Friendly or not that was utter bollocks.

There is no other way to describe it, the tempo was flat, the creativity was non existent, ridiculous mistakes where made once more in the centre back positions, our finishing is just a comedy sketch in itself so needless to say I’m not looking forward to Sunday night at Hampden.

Canada fair play to them don’t pretend to be something they are not, they’re rubbish a minnow of world football if you will, their STAR players are two players that weren’t good enough to play for SCOTLAND in Arfield and Aird. Both players represented Scotland at youth levels but chose to play for Canada after the realisation that they weren’t ever going to be picked to wear the navy blue of the tartan army.

Fast forward to tonight and Arfields sprinting passes around the Easter Road pitch ( which was another embarrassment) and Airds sticking shots in the top corner passed a helpless McGregor.


Tonight was just a farce from start to finish the cost to get to the game alone was just taking advantage of good hard working people who wants to pay over £20 each, your expected to keep your kids up on a school night and even having taking all this into consideration it was on the TV! how the SFA have the balls to ask the ordinary working man to commit to that is beyond a joke. £10 for adults, £5 senior citizens and kids go free would have packed out that stadium tonight and it could have meant we could have backed our nation into what is a must win on Sunday at Hampden.

Instead though we had more people in my living room tonight than was at that game and it was just another factor towards the borefest that was to occur.

Scotlands goal was a thing also of sheer fluke, a wayward shot which deflected off Naismith was all that Scotland could muster up in 90 mins and its just left us Scotland fans with a bitter taste.
All we can do now is just hope for the best for Sunday but its safe to say i’ll not be looking out the Russian Rossetta Stone for next summer.




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