At the risk of sounding like a school kid gleaming with excitement over the thought of picking up a simple 3 points but how good were Scotland last night! 

The build up to the game meant that the Tartan Army hadn’t really bothered to turn up in their usual numbers as the campaign was as good as gone, we as a nation had just plummeted to new depths, in the last 2 years we had beat two nations. Malta and Gibraltar. This has meant that the fear factor of coming to Hampden had gone so we weren’t able to win against the likes of Lithuania and we seemed to be tactically inept for playing away from home so who could blame the supports for not turning up.


The ones who did though will be glad they did, the rest of us just sat at home wishing we would have went to Glasgow’s southside. 


If there ever was an advert of a Scotland game a perfect example to show someone who knows nothing about the pain of being a member of the Tartan Army then yesterday is the blueprint that would be put in front of them. We missed sitters, road our luck, had players playing out of position, and then we score in the last minute with a goal that deflects of a divot in the middle of the goal mouth. 

Classic Scotland!


Now the troubling thing is we as a nation have all caught the usual optimistic bug, could we do the unthinkable and actually make Russia next summer?


What we will need to do to get there is start winning on a consistent basis and rule 1 of qualifying for a major tournament is winning home matches. Luckily enough of our final 5 games then have 4 at Hampden. This gives us a HUGE chance.


England is next up and will come to Glasgow knowing a win will pretty much rubber stamp a place at the World Cup.


Scotland can take faith form the fact that they held there own at Wembly and although the final score line was 3-0 Englands quality shown through in the end with 3 chances created and 3 goals scored. Next time however Scotland are at home have and have players in sensational form like Armstrong and Tierney.


England will still head into the match as clear favourites but if Scotland can take a point from that at least then they have one hell of a shot of making their first tournament since 1998.


So fingers and everything else crossed as we await June for the next game and once it comes around it will be battle stations as the crowd will be out in force and how sweet would it be a win against the auld enemy to kick start the rebirth of the Scottish national team.


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